Collaborative Pedagogies for the Global History of Science


Committee on Education and Engagement


N. J. Dharan

University of Pennsylvania


Sebastián Gil-Riaño

University of Pennsylvania


Session Abstract

This roundtable aims to generate new collaborative strategies for teaching the global history of science. In recent years, scholarship on science's global geographies has grown dramatically and pushed our field into closer conversation with other disciplines such as anthropology, area studies, and Indigenous studies. Yet an important dimension of this turn has received little attention: how to make global perspectives central to graduate and undergraduate teaching. In October 2019, the Science Beyond the West working group at the University of Pennsylvania hosted a workshop, bringing together scholars at all stages and from a range of institutions, to explore issues of narrative, syllabus design, and resources for the classroom. This roundtable extends conversations to the HSS community and will provide a forum for unveiling a pedagogical website, featuring resources developed from the conference.

We have heard repeatedly that there is a desire for better access to high quality resources. Few scholars specialize in global history, and many have difficulty teaching confidently beyond their fields of expertise. Much innovative work that addresses these challenges is already underway, from crowd-sourced syllabi to primary source databases, yet this is often done independently and without a supportive infrastructure. HSS is an ideal venue to bridge this gap. We envision this roundtable as a chance to organize around mutual interests in incorporating diverse sources, narratives, and histories into the curriculum.

The project of speaking to what is "the global" is an always unfinished one, but one that must be undertaken collaboratively. To that end, the panelists represent a range of perspectives, including a senior undergraduate, graduate students, and junior and senior scholars working on both non-Western regions and transnational topics. Together, we hope to mobilize the classroom, to evoke bell hooks, as "the most radical space of possibility in the academy."

Presenter 1

Taylor Dysart

University of Pennsylvania

Presenter 2

Claire Conklin Sabel

University of Pennsylvania

Presenter 3

Koyna Tomar

University of Pennsylvania

Presenter 4

Julia Rodriguez

University of New Hampshire

Presenter 5

Genie Yoo

Princeton University

Presenter 6

Kelcey Gibbons

University of Pennsylvania

Presenter 7

Tathagat Bhatia

University of Pennsylvania