Fellowships in the History of Science: Everything You Need to Know


Katherine M. Reinhart

Consortium for History of Science, Technology & Medicine

Megan Piorko

Science History Institute


Katherine M. Reinhart

Consortium for History of Science, Technology & Medicine


Session Abstract

Fellowships can be a great opportunity for graduate students and early career scholars, but navigating the landscape of opportunities and applications can be tricky. This roundtable brings together current graduate and early career fellows with institutional representatives from the Consortium for History of Science, Technology & Medicine, Science History Institute, American Philosophical Society, Adler Planetarium, and Linda Hall Library to discuss the ins and outs of fellowships. Organized in a discussion format, this roundtable will center on several common questions regarding fellowship opportunities, the application process, practical and career considerations for undertaking a fellowship, and more. Topics covered will include:
What are the different types of fellowships available?
How do I know which fellowship is right for me?
What should I prepare before my application?
What are the elements of a competitive fellowship application?
How can a fellowship further my career goals?
How can research fellows help cultivate community building?
How do organizations benefit from having fellows on site?
How relevant are artefact collections for research in HSTM?
What is the experience of being a fellow?
How should I prepare for my fellowship?
In addition, attendees are encouraged to submit their own questions in advance or bring them to the roundtable. To extend the participation to those unable to attend HSS, the discussion will be live-tweeted and questions can be sent through Twitter.

Presenter 1

Babak Ashrafi

Consortium for History of Science, Technology & Medicine

Presenter 2

Adrianna Link

American Philosophical Society

Presenter 3

Pedro Raposo

Adler Planetarium

Presenter 4

Daniel Jon Mitchell

Center for Historical Research at the Science History Institute

Presenter 5

Benjamin Gross

Linda Hall Library

Presenter 6

Hannah Anderson

University of Pennsylvania