SHOT Joint Session

Integrated Courses: Benefits, Challenges, and Successes


Committee on Education and Engagement


Gregory L. Macklem

University of Notre Dame

Anna Geltzer

University of Notre Dame


Gregory L. Macklem

University of Notre Dame


Session Abstract

Integrated courses are often touted as a way to help students make deep connections in their learning between multiple fields, and to develop important skills like critical thinking and creative problem solving. Several colleges and universities have made integrated courses a key element of undergraduate education and others have introduced majors and other programs that rely on these interdisciplinary courses to give their students the educational flexibility they desire.
However, integrated courses offer a set of challenges that can make developing and delivering them a daunting task. In this roundtable we will discuss common challenges and pitfalls, including determining appropriate course content, internal resistance and inertia, student and faculty recruitment, and effective classroom engagement with students from often very different majors and interests. The panel includes faculty from multiple disciplines who are deeply engaged with integrated coursework and who have successfully navigated many of these challenges and will share suggestions and strategies with session attendees. As a roundtable, the session is intended to be more conversational, with questions and comments from the audience as well as the panel.
NOTE: This session is being submitted to both the HSS and SHOT programs.

Presenter 1

David Brandon Dennis

Dean College

Presenter 2

Jessica Pisano

Dean College

Presenter 3

R. A. Lawson

Dean College

Presenter 4

Eleanor Louson

Michigan State University

Presenter 5

Eunjeong Ma

POSTECH (Republic of Korea)

Presenter 6

Erik L. Peterson

University of Alabama

Presenter 7

Anna Geltzer

University of Notre Dame