Revisiting Master Narratives


Early Sciences Working Group


Hannah Marcus

Harvard University

Anne-Laurence Caudano

University of Winnipeg


Pablo Gomez

University of Wisconsin Madison


Session Abstract

The early sciences represent a diffuse field covering a wide range of both chronologies and contexts. Yet the early sciences also are often taught in a way that falls pray to traditional, linear narratives of western progress. This roundtable will offer a range of approaches and understandings that reexamine and question the grand narratives of the history of the early sciences including, but not limited to, cognitive history, visual culture, race, gender, and global history.

Presenter 1

Reviel Netz

Stanford University

Presenter 2

Karine Chemla

Presenter 3

Pamela H. Smith

Columbia University

Presenter 4

Minakshi Menon

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin